The question of online image use

The short answer is to get permission or use royalty free stock images.

Copyright protection is automatically added to images published online and fair use seems to be a complex subject. Proper attribution and linking of the images back to the original isn’t enough either, unless it is under creative commons. But most creative commons images are generally specified for non-commercial use. What happens if there is an advertisement on the webpage that the image is displayed? What if the image is on the same site that happens to sell something on another page within that site? There seems to be no definitive answer to that, just peoples opinions.

So this leaves us in a bit of a pickle.


Fish search now has biological names

Sadly it has been almost a month since the last updates were implemented. Life seems to have a bad habit forcing you to do the things you need to do instead of the things you’d like to do. The craziness has calmed down a bit and work has continued on African Scuba!

The major addition has been the addition of the biological names to the families and individual fishes to the fish search.


Refining the basics, slowly…

It has been a slow week in terms of developing African Scuba. But something is certainly nothing in this regard!

The contact page has seen a little more refinement with the addition of reusable functions to write the forms and send the emails. It’s not exactly earth shattering and means almost no change for you, the users of this site, but it certainly makes editing the code more manageable as the page’s code  line count went down a fair bit. It’s also neater!


Getting up and running with the basics

African Scuba has its sights set on being a tremendous site with many great, innovative and possibly world changing features! OK, so maybe not world changing, but I’m certainly aiming high.

But for the site to become what I envisage, a solid foundation is the first step to taking my ideas and putting out there on the internet.