Getting up and running with the basics

African Scuba has its sights set on being a tremendous site with many great, innovative and possibly world changing features! OK, so maybe not world changing, but I’m certainly aiming high.

But for the site to become what I envisage, a solid foundation is the first step to taking my ideas and putting out there on the internet.

To that end I’ve taken what I’ve hopefully learnt developing websites over the years and chosen products and platforms that should enable me to bring my ideas to life.

Getting these setup and styled has taken some time and is an ongoing effort on my part. But reasonably soon I expect to have enough components complete and in place for the site to start being of use for the general diving community.


UPDATE 06/05/2014

A mini navigation has been added! Although there are only a few content pages at the moment, as the site continues to develop these little links located below the banner image will provide a great way of showing where you are in the site and a handy method of navigating backwards. The developing fish search module specifically benefits from this functionality as you can see your choices and go backwards if you happen to navigate to the wrong entry.


UPDATE 08/05/2014

The mini navigation has been refined! The code for the back link wasn’t robust enough to handle people entering a URL directly. Although the chances of someone navigating directly to a page is fairly slim the code has been changed to check if there is actually something to go back to and to check that the page you want to go back to is within the African Scuba website.

The budding fish search has also seen some development to stop errors when  navigating directly to family, specific or individual pages without going through the top level category page, which would assign variables that are used to query the database.

The contact page has had it’s functionality added to it. The captcha is a pain for users, but unfortunately an essential and for now won’t be going anywhere. The nice bit is that if the captcha data is entered incorrectly you won’t lose the form data when it reloads with a new captcha.


UPDATE 12/05/2014

Just a small update today. I’ve tightened the security of the query strings that ask the database for information. The world, it seems, is filled with ugly people with nothing better to do then attempt to break things. It’s amazing to what extent you have to consider security when doing anything online, even something as innocent as this project. It’s not like I’m attempting to solve humanities dependency on fossil fuels. But rather be safe then sorry! So there are now additional security measures in place.